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Future of E/HV Drive Systems: Commercial & Off-Road Equipment

Wednesday, September 11 4:00 PM - 4:20 PM

Location: Onyx Ballroom

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Description: Electric-drive vehicles are no longer considered quite as mysterious or futuristic as they were just a year or two ago. Consensus says EV technology will play a crucial role in the evolution of drivetrains through the middle of this century and beyond. Admittedly, much attention is focused on light passenger vehicles, which are produced in significant volume. But adoption of electric-drive technology for commercial vehicles – trucks and buses –has clearly become an industry priority for certain classes of service. And while there are some applications in the off-road equipment segments (agricultural, construction and industrial) that are already experiencing higher rates of adoption, many of these products have their own unique set of challenges and requirements. With 40+ years' experience providing drivetrain-related market research and forecasting services to clients in the commercial vehicle and off-road equipment industries, Power Systems Research has a unique perspective on how EV technology is impacting end-user customers in these sectors, along with OEMs and their suppliers. We will examine how customer expectations and needs influence buying decisions and how they differ between consumer and commercial use, how these factors vary among industry segments and how EVs and hybrids are continuing to evolve.

Level: All

Type: Technology Lightning Talk

Show: Technology Lightning Talks: E/HV Industry Developments