Journey Mapping to Battery Testing: How User Inputs Drive Technical Requirements

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Wednesday, September 11 9:45 AM - 10:00 AM

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Location: Crystal Ballroom

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Description: Would you say human-centered design has little to do with battery design and testing? We disagree and have found that humans are quite adept at exposing failures in our designs, our assumptions, and our test methods. How do we find out more about the way our products are being used and stressed? Once we gain that knowledge, how can we be proactive about mitigating product failures resulting from unintended use? Most people don't think about their activities in terms of "power budget" or use cases or environmental conditions. Therefore, we must understand how humans (who have little regard for power constraints) create unique challenges to our development processes. This talk will focus on how human-centered design (namely journey mapping and use case development) can inform battery development. Journey mapping is a front-end development tool that helps teams to understand delights and pain points as customers interact with products and services. Using this rich user information, technical teams can then develop use cases that drive product definition and test protocols. Join us in our journey as we show you some tricks we've learned, from the front-end of product definition to the back-end of validation testing.

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Type: Business Lightning Talks

Show: Business Lightning Talks: Battery Development Trends