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Leaders Roundtable – Solid State Battery Feasibility: When & How Will We Get There?

Wednesday, September 11 2:45 PM - 3:30 PM

Location: Legacy Ballroom

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Description: Lithium metal batteries show great promise for increased range for EVs and longer battery life for cell phones. But the lithium metal foil used for the solid state anode is susceptible to the formation of spikey dendritic crystals on the metal surface during charging. These crystals can grow through liquid electrolytes to become large enough to short out the battery and cause a fire. Replacing a liquid electrolyte with a solid or semi-solid electrolyte can prevent the dendritic crystals from forming, but cycle life and long term performance are not where they need to be yet and the manufacturing may require different techniques. A panel of solid state battery experts, led by moderator Dr. Kevin Clemens, Senior Editor at Design News, will explore the technology, manufacturing, and timing that optimists say will be 2-3 years, and pessimists say is at least ten years out.

Type: Leaders' Roundtable