Panel – California's EV Infrastructure Incentive Project

Thursday, September 12 8:30 AM - 9:15 AM

Location: Onyx Ballroom

Event Information

Badge Type: Paid

Description: This presentation will provide an overview of the California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP). CALeVIP is a statewide project that offers incentives for the purchase and installation of EV chargers at public sites throughout California. Funded by the California Energy Commission and implemented by the Center for Sustainable Energy, CALeVIP works with local partners to develop and implement EV charger incentive projects that meet regional needs for Level 2 and DC fast chargers. The statewide project aims to provide a streamlined process for getting chargers installed to fill the significant gaps in charging availability. CALeVIP uses an EV infrastructure projection tool (EVI-Pro) to model the amount of EV infrastructure that region needs to meet the charging demand if the state achieved its goal of 1.5 million ZEVs by 2025. This tool (developed by NREL and CEC) helps inform project design, along with strong coordination with local stakeholders, to specifically tailor an incentive project to meet a region's charging needs.

Level: Intermediate

Type: Panel Discussion

Show: General