Panel – Infrastructure Planning for the Future MD/HD Electrified Fleet

Tuesday, September 10 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Location: Onyx Ballroom

Event Information

Badge Type: Paid

Description: As the future of medium and heavy duty (MD/HD) transportation moves to electrification, one of the greatest challenges facing commercial fleets and transit providers is associated with the deployment of vehicle charging infrastructure. This panel of experts will provide guidance on the current best practices and approaches for managing the process of deploying Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) infrastructure. They will provide an overview of common pitfalls and offer guidance to mitigate or avoid those challenges. Additionally, they will share the steps that should be taken throughout the deployment process, cover expected lead times for planning purposes, provide insight on procurement actions, and discuss the expected cost for key infrastructure requirements.

Level: All

Type: Panel Discussion

Show: General