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Powersplit Hybrid Transmission for Commercial Vehicles

Wednesday, September 11 4:20 PM - 4:40 PM

Location: Onyx Ballroom

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Description: The objective of this project is to develop and demonstrate a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) Class 4 delivery vehicle that reduces fuel consumption by at least 50% relative to an equivalent baseline vehicle by using an innovative, low-cost electric drive powertrain.

This project will validate the efficiency potential and cost effectiveness of using a newly developed, dual planetary-gear (2PG) power split transmission for a Class 4 PHEV delivery vehicle using commercialized light-duty vehicle electric drive components. Advanced battery management algorithms will be developed to allow operation closer to the battery limits to minimize the battery capacity. A model-based approach will be developed for intelligent control and management of the system. The project will develop the most promising hybrid configuration for mass-market commercialization within the medium-duty (MD) segment and demonstrate a working technology demonstrator for both data collection and customer testing.

The project is broken into three periods described below.

Period 1: Powertrain Development: Hybrid-electric vehicle topologies were investigated through simulation and evaluation of each configuration on a real-world drive cycle to define the technical requirements and most promising architecture for the powertrain system.

Period 2: Powertrain Integration: The supervisory control algorithms, battery management system, thermal energy management, and vehicle control strategy will be integrated with the conventional powertrain controller and further refined. The mechanical design and assembly of the hybrid drive system was also be completed along with the manufacturing of the prototype transmission. All PHEV solution components and a downsized diesel engine was integrated onto the prototype vehicle.

Period 3: Powertrain Demonstration: The prototype vehicle will be tested and deployed, including chassis dynamometer testing and demonstrations on closed courses or while shadowing an in-use delivery truck to quantify the achievable benefits and help finalize the control algorithms. In-use fleet operation with the prototype vehicle will be conducted.

Level: All

Type: Technology Lightning Talk

Show: Technology Lightning Talks: E/HV Industry Developments