Behind-the-meter Energy Storage for EV Fast Charge Support

Wednesday, September 11 9:30 AM - 9:50 AM

Location: Onyx Ballroom

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Description: There is an increasing demand for electric vehicle fast charging (EVFC) at ever higher powers and shorter durations. EVFC reduces range anxiety and improves charging convenience for passenger vehicles. Commercial vehicle operators value EVFC for the increased up-time it provides. However, EVFC stations face two existential challenges. First, the station's peak power load may necessitate costly grid upgrades. Second, even if the grid can supply the station's peak load, the station may be subject to demand charge tariffs that drive up the price of vehicle charging. Behind-the-meter energy storage sited at the EVFC station addresses these challenges by reducing the station's peak load. This presentation will review the market for EVFC, describe the unique characteristics of EVFC station load profiles, and explain the methodology for sizing and dispatching energy storage for EVFC support. For high-utilization 350kW public charging, optimal sizing/dispatch of energy storage requires several daily cycles at rates of up to 4C. This indicates that the industry-wide optimization of batteries for energy density and price-per-energy is not relevant to EVFC support. Finally, this presentation will introduce Prussian blue batteries as a potential solution for high power, high cycle stationary applications such as EVFC support.

Level: All

Type: Technology Lightning Talk

Show: Technology Lightning Talks: Accelerating Discovery