Electric Vehicle System-Level Integration Trends & Thermal-Electrical Management Synergies

Tuesday, September 10 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

Location: Opal Ballroom

Event Information

Badge Type: Paid

Description: Munro & Associates will provide a detailed presentation and speech on the system-level integration advancements that are impacting the OEM level development of thermal and electrical systems. Munro will dive into the system integration trends from the past and present, with a focus on the Tesla Model 3 superbottle and integrated thermal system. Munro will cover the reduction and elimination of shielded high-voltage (HV) wiring and connectors through the integration of key HV modules into the battery pack and drive modules. Included in the discussion is the elimination of dedicated HV PTC heaters through unique heat generation methods. Munro will also broach the topics of battery case construction and the impact on the total vehicle stiffness and vehicle dynamics. Of importance is the topic of IIHS small overlap reinforce barrier (SORB) test and the provisions and packaging effect on the OEM's integration of the battery into the vehicles.

Type: Technical Session