Tesla Model 3 vs. Jaguar I-PACE Motor Insights

Tuesday, September 10 10:15 AM - 10:40 AM

Location: Open Tech Forum

Event Information

Badge Type: Free

Description: Munro & Associates will display two completely disassembled electric motors; one Tesla Model 3 internal permanent magnet (IPM) and one Jaguar I-PACE IPM. The intent of the 25-minute forum is to dive into the key differences between the executions of the IPM motor designs. Munro will highlight the key differences in the geometry of the rotor and stator, the placement and retention of the magnets, and specific details about the magnet material compositions and manufacturing processes. Munro will be prepared to answer detailed questions concerning the skew angles, fill-rates, and material compositions of the various rotor and stator parts components.

Type: Open Tech Forum Presentation