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Product Showcase: ATS Automation's SuperTrak Conveyance Platforms

Tuesday, September 10 1:45 PM - 2:00 PM

Location: Booth 527

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Description: "SuperTrak Conveyance platforms have served as the automation foundation of some of the world's top manufacturers for almost two decades by maximizing the productivity of equipment on the production floor. A market leader with Innovative, Proven, and Scalable solutions the SuperTrak team is continuing to drive conveyance automation forward. SuperTrak Micro is a new member of our product family that builds on our in field application knowledge.

The product is ideally suited to small batch and single piece part flows with an unmatched combination of flexible and high speed performance. It is unique in the market because of the ability to electromagnetically divide and merge individually controlled pallets at high speeds (4.0 m/s).

For battery suppliers looking to maximize throughput and configurability of automation lines, SuperTrak Micro offers a unique conveyance foundation due to its' ability to enable high speed single piece part flows. It is ideally suited to cell sorting and assembly as it can divide and merge cells based on a variety of characteristics at high speed, in a clean environment, and at part spacing as low as 50 mm.

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Type: Sponsored Session

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