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Commercial & Performance Tradeoffs & Benefits of Integrated Electrified Powertrains for Next Generation New Energy Vehicles

Thursday, September 12 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Location: Onyx Ballroom

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Description: The purpose of this presentation will be to explore the commercial and performance tradeoffs of integrated electrified powertrains for next generation new energy vehicles.

In light of stringent economic margins to produce mass market electrified vehicles and significant weight restrictions there are considerable system integration challenges. Typical sourcing and procurement of electric powertrains are often conducted separately with different vendors and suppliers. Many of these separate procurement exercises result in unique high voltage connections which require complex cables and connectors. Vehicle manufactures are often forced to make tradeoffs on packaging of discrete components to meeting vehicle requirements such as torque at the wheels. In order to meet these ongoing vehicle integration concerns, electrified powertrains need to be less weight, compact and smaller mass as possible. To maximize power density, Clean Wave Technologies, a leader in electric drive systems, and Optimal, a global new energy system integrator, have partnered to develop an advanced electric powertrain. This paper will explore a comparison of separately source electrified powertrains versus a fully integrated systems in terms of key performance criteria – cost / kW, power density, design for manufacturability, mass, volume and overall system efficiency.

Level: Intermediate

Type: Technical Session

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