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Estimation of Life Impact on NMC Cells Due to DC Bus Noise in a Heavy-Duty Electric Powertrain

Wednesday, September 11 4:40 PM - 5:00 PM

Location: Onyx Ballroom

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Badge Type: Paid

Description: An inverter uses switching circuits to control the current flowing through electromagnets in a traction motor of electric vehicles. As these switches actuate, an electromotive force (EMF), or voltage, is applied back onto the DC bus at the input of the inverter. An important consideration when designing an inverter is to minimize this noise. Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has tested heavy duty electric motor-inverter systems and measured the voltage and current on the DC bus while emulating heavy duty powertrain dynamics during various duty cycles. The measured data was piped through battery cycle life models generated by the SwRI Energy Storage Systems Evaluation and Safety consortium. The patented life modeling approach is duty cycle agnostic and allows estimation of capacity fade of any application duty cycle using a weighted combination of base components.

The presentation will focus on hardware in the loop (HIL) test setup for motor-inverter testing, analysis of measured DC bus noise over various use cases, the SwRI EssEs consortium life testing and impact of inverter noise on battery capacity fade.

Level: All

Type: Technology Lightning Talk

Show: Technology Lightning Talks: E/HV Industry Developments