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EVs Have Already Won

Tuesday, September 10 4:30 PM - 4:45 PM

Location: Onyx Ballroom

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Description: Should the debate about electric vehicles (EVs) and their future market potential be over? Yes. A combination of forces are now in place that are undeniable and unrelenting. That could not have been said five years ago but now, the on-going debate should be over. EV's have already won. Some people concluded this a long time ago, sooner than they should have. Others continue to resist the reality and perpetuate the debate often asking, "How can that be true when the share of plug in cars is struggling to even meet 10% of the market?" The answer is simple, we should not look at the current market results, but instead look at the future indicators. Ken will lay out an argument based on key industry drivers backed with facts to support his argument that the trend towards EV powertrains as the dominant technology over ICE technology is now past the inflection point. EVs have already won and there is little value in continuing the debate.

Level: All

Type: Business Lightning Talks

Show: Business Lightning Talks: E/HV Industry Expectations